The Earliest Garage Doors

Did you know that when cars first came about, people did not have garages in their homes?

It fact, it was until 1910 that many vehicle owners parked and stored their cars in garages that were constructed for the public. The car owners had to pay a monthly fee for the safe keeping and the space occupied by their vehicles. However, as more people saw the benefits of cars and private transportation, more and more individuals and families acquired their own cars.

There was even a time when the number of cars owned has become a social status and families, as well as, individuals owned not only one but sometimes, multiple vehicles.

As time went by, the public garages can no longer accommodate the number of vehicles. There was not enough space to house the increasing number of cars in one area. At this time, many car owners opted to build their private car storage spaces.

At first, the garages were constructed as a separate building or structure outside the home and were usually found near the home or within their land property.  However, most garages in modern times are constructed as part of the home and not as a separate structure.

Garage doors are very important parts of the garage and the very first type of garage door made use of hinges that made it possible to open the doors outwards.

This early garage door needed a lot of space for it to open fully. Garage doors during these times were made of wood and they were often thick and heavy to provide good protection for the vehicle.

The common problems that people had about this type of garage door was that the hinges often get broken and the screws even get pulled out of the wood due to the weight and pressure. Other problems that people encountered with the earliest type of garage doors was that it was hard to open or close during winter.

The snow keeps the doors from opening fully and car owners would need to shovel the snow away in order to open their garage doors.